The Scorned

The Scorned
June 19th 2014
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Matt Blake, is a heart old banker, who never had any compassion for his employees. He did not pay them generously, to put it mildly, and he fired them for outrageous reasons, like they have been sick and left work for a day. One fine day, Blake is holding a meeting at the First Central Bank of East Main where he works as the president of the bank. He leers at a pretty blond haired woman with blue eyes and ample breasts who walks into the building. The great-looking woman happens to carry a sawed-off shotgun and orders the bank employees to give her money in bags. The workers obey her. When Blake tried to intervene, she shoots him down.

Before security guards could stop her, she rushes to an elevator with the money she just robbed. Of course, security guards are waiting for her on the upper floor, however, the woman mysteriously disappears on her way there. Nobody can understand how and where she could escape, along with the money she robbed. When the doors of the elevator slide open, nobody is there. Who killed Matt Blake? Where did she go? Match wits with Alex French and see if you can catch the killer.

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