Stacy and Brandon: An Urban Love

Stacy and Brandon: An Urban Love
July 30th 2017 by Leo Sullivan Presents
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Fresh off a five year prison bid, Brandon Holiday returns home to Miami with scores to settle in both his personal and business lives. Before Brandon went to prison, several people owed him money, to the tune of over five million dollars. The time had come to pay up, and he was determined to collect what was owed to him by choice or by force. During Brandon’s incarceration, his girlfriend, Stacy, had held him down, even bringing their son to see him twice a month. Brandon had felt a change in Stacy during the last year and a half of his prison stint, and he wondered if she’d become involved with someone else. Although he hadn’t been a saint, Brandon wasn’t sure if he could forgive what he considered the ultimate betrayal. Stacy had loved Brandon since she was a young teenager, and she knew in her heart that she always would. Their life together hadn’t been easy, and long stretches of separation and uncertainty had caused her to fall weak to the affection of another. Now that Brandon has returned home, Stacy is ready to give up her temporary source of comfort and move on with Brandon and their son. Unfortunately, her lover is not willing to let her go without a fight, and Brandon seems to have given up on their love.