Her Noble Russian (BWWM Romance Book 1)

Her Noble Russian (BWWM Romance Book 1)
February 22nd 2018 by Afro Romance Books
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Launch Sale: Just 99c, guaranteed for 24 hours only! Save 75% over the regular price of $3.99. A forbidden billionaire marriage romance by Ellie Etienne of BWWM Club. Features another free bonus version of the book (See details below). After walking away from a terrible relationship, Jayla Walker now has all the time in the world to discover herself without being distracted by men. But when she starts working as a translator in Moscow, everything changes once she meets her employer, Alexey Vladimirovich Dashkov.

Alexey is the son of Vladimir Dashkov, and will someday inherit his father’s prestigious company in Russia. Immediately, Jayla is drawn to Alexey, but being the son of a billionaire, she knows he’s way out of her league. Besides, through an arrangement by his father, Alexey is already engaged to a beautiful and powerful woman! Jayla safely assumes that her little crush will be of no consequence. However, as they get to know each other, Alexey soon falls hard for Jayla, despite his father’s objections. But even after one passionate night together, he still has conflicting loyalties between his family, and his heart. Can Alexey let himself prioritize their love and happiness above business, politics, and his snobbish family? Or will Jayla return home to the States, heartbroken yet again? Find out in this drama-filled yet sexy romance by Ellie Etienne of BWWM Club. Suitable for over 18s only due to sex scenes so hot, you'll be dreaming about your own sexy Russian billionaire! Bonus book details: We gave two authors the same characters & core overall theme: The wonderful Nubian Queen Jayla, and the sexy Russian billionaire Alexey. How different will the two versions of this story turn out? Read both in this bundle and let us know which is your favorite. :)