It Took a Beast to Tame Her 2

It Took a Beast to Tame Her 2
February 18th 2018 by Shan Presents, LLC
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Just when Xavier got Patience to understand her place, Chaos came through and destroyed it, with her attacks and challenges. Chaos had been released and didn’t planned on being caged up in Patience’s mind again. She wreaked havoc on the Southern Facility and gather information about her parent’s death from the Supreme Guardian that was there. She set her sights on the next facility and assassin that put the blade in the hand of the Guardian that killed her father.

Chaos was ready to avenge her parent’s death, but the power that the Alpha had over her, killed all the plans that she made. Xavier was at lost for words when Chaos took over Patience’s body. He didn’t know what to suspect or how to control her. He decided to try and bond with Chaos to get in her head, but she got into his and made him a different man and Alpha to his Queen. He became clipped and irritated with everything Patience did. He realized that he was changing for the worse, when his wolf didn’t recognize Patience as his Queen. Matteo is also loose and looking for the Guardians that killed his babies. He went to the Southern Facility and saw the damages that were done. He knew who done it and couldn’t wait to meet his granddaughter. When he met her, he noticed how powerful she was and thought that she would be better with a Guardian. Patience told him the same thing that she had been telling everyone else, Xavier was her Alpha and she wasn’t going nowhere, so she thought. Patience was going through it. Chaos was getting stronger and was ready to take complete control over her. She had been waking up aching and with bruises all over her body. She tried to talk to her Alpha, but he had changed. When her grandfather shines light on a dim situation, Patience transformed into a different person and confronts Xavier in front of the entire family. It hurts her more when she found out that her brothers knew about Xavier secret and didn’t bother to tell her. Not even her favorite, Maxi. Patience was battling a war within herself.

She had to get Chaos under control before she made her lose the only family that she had left. An unknown guest and an enemy of the wolves showed up unexpectedly to protect the Queen from the Guardians that had her on their most wanted list. Their help wasn’t needed. Xavier felt that he was enough to protect her from anything, but who was going to protect her from him. In, It Took a Beast to Tame Her 2, secrets will be revealed, and mates will be found. Will Patience trust Xavier enough to let him in or will she rely on others to protect her? Even if it put her and their unborn child in danger.