May 23rd 2013
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Evolve opens with the FDA rejecting a genetic therapy that cures breast cancer and unfolds into a political, philosophical, and scientific drama that will have readers asking questions about a fictional world that are more appropriately asked of the real one. The FDA rejects a new breast cancer therapy and scheming politicians stoke public outrage against the drug’s creators, claiming the drug would only be available to the wealthy and would be used as a weapon of genetic warfare against minorities and the poor. The scientists who created the drug are baffled and deeply depressed by the furor over their life-saving creation and are eventually driven to leave their entire lives’ work, going into hiding from a world hostile to everything in which they believe. Politicians manipulate each other and the public for power, the company which created the drug struggles to maintain its independence from an impending government take-over, and investors and rival companies must choose sides in a political war. Billion dollar budgets, entire industries, individuals who might be saved by drugs that will never exist, and the Presidency are the casualties of the deception, manipulation, power struggles, and fighting of Evolve. In Evolve, actions are shown to have their logical if unintended consequences; people are driven by unrecognized but ever-present incentives; and the way the world works is made apparent in the order that ultimately emerges. Evolve presents the reader with a grandiose vision of the world. Politicians meddle with the economy; regulation is used to protect people from themselves and destroy enemies; scientists scheme to better their own careers while feigning to seek the truth in nature; and business leaders are shown to be geniuses, corrupt, humanitarians, and sleazy opportunists. Readers will come to see slivers of each of the novel’s characters in the people in their own lives. Human evolution, achievement, and the value of freedom are the novel’s core themes. Evolve is Jurassic Park meets Atlas Shrugged with a timely and time narrative.