The Lord's Captor: Regency Romance (Wollingford House Secrets Book 2)

The Lord's Captor: Regency Romance (Wollingford House Secrets Book 2)
April 10th 2017
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London 1811 – in the steamy heat of early summer. Adelaide – There is a man in my life and he is everything I cherish and despise. He swooped down onto me like hawk, with his charming willingness to help me find my missing family, under the pretense of requesting my hand in marriage. Marriage. He does not know that I, too, have been making dutiful allegiances, and with persons of power and wealth in secret places. I imagine, any woman abiding in the Industrial Age, that self-preservation is a must! And therein is my dilemma. He has charmed me in the most affable way. His lips curl when he regards my countenance, and I will do everything I can to resist his affections. Whether he makes good on his promise to make me his equal, or before I consider the hand of another suitor, who could be his twin, if not for the latter gentleman’s commodiously serpentine attentions. I will not give in that easily! There is my family’s future, I must protect! Brick – Never have I met any woman as enchanting as the Miss Adelaide. She is from the Stuart Family, humble in their ways, but also fiery as the sun in the heat of summer. It’s almost the season, and I am challenged with finding the people responsible for endangering Miss Adelaide’s livelihood, that includes her estate that is part of my family’s many peerages. She thinks I am after only one thing, and perhaps I am. However, there is another, who has come back to London after I, and he has made his intentions to ensnare the handsome Miss Adelaide, because he wants what I will let no other man have. But The Ton is a more dangerous game of chance where power can turn at roll of the die or a bargain struck by a word. Miss Adelaide, the die has been cast. Let the games begin. Enter a world of handshakes and extravagant luxuries, as the men of the Regency vie to control its secrets only The Regent can turn himself! Fall in love with the rich and powerful in the second 20,000 word stand alone Short Story the Wollingford House Secrets Series.

Also, Sweet and Heartwarming Bonus Romance stories included.