Bearly Legal

Bearly Legal
October 22nd 2013
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Ever since her mom disappeared, Kylie has been living with grizzly local cop Arkadios Philokrates, a street smart police officer known as much for his kindness as his huge size. She's doing the best she can to live her life under the protective eye of her mother's former partner but, one fateful Halloween under the full moon, something changes inside her. For the first time ever she's desperately aroused, it's like she's in heat or something. Kylie goes to a house party and sets about doing her best to convince the host to give her a guided tour of his bed, she's just about to go upstairs with him when four werewolves gatecrash, having followed her scent. She is chased all the way home, where Arkadios is waiting. After an incredible on in the pecking order between werewolves and werebears, Kylie learns some improbable truths about herself.

Then, as if Kylie didn't already know that Arkadios was known for his huge size... she learns all about his huge size as they both succumb to her raging hormones. This 6900 word story contains explicit descriptions of living room fun between a werebear shifter and a beautiful woman the first time she's in heat, werewolves sent packing, and enough climaxes to fulfil a prophecy.