Using Facebook For Business: The Simple, Jargon-Free Guide To Setting Up Your First Facebook Business Page (Stuff Made Simple 2)

Using Facebook For Business: The Simple, Jargon-Free Guide To Setting Up Your First Facebook Business Page (Stuff Made Simple 2)
January 26th 2015 by Clixeo Publishing
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Step-By-Step, Jargon Free Guide: How To Build Your First Ever Business Page On Facebook It has well over one billion users, every major brand can't get enough of it and it's completely free to use. Facebook is dominating the world of social media marketing and there's nothing quite like it for building a steady stream of fans for your business. But where do you start if you run a small business and know nothing about online marketing or coding? This simple step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to turn your existing Facebook account into a social media marketing machine, using only free tools and completely tech-free strategies . It assumes zero knowledge of using Facebook for business and, so long as you have an existing Facebook account, it will take you from zero to 100 miles per hour in no time at all. The step-by-step screen shots will ensure that you can see every process and strategy recommended by Facebook expert Paul Teague who has used the platform since 2009 and sold a popular Facebook software for 4 years, generating well over 4000 happy users. The Using Facebook For Business Kindle Guide even has detailed screen shots showing you exactly what to look at and where to click. What's In This Guide? 1: How to create a business page on Facebook 2: How to make your own professional and correctly sized banner and avatar images with no technical skills – or cost - whatsoever 3: How to make sure your business page is set up for maximum search engine impact 4: What to do, say and post on your Facebook business page 5: How to adjust the settings on your business page to achieve maximum impact and do things the right way 6: How to find and install great apps to boost your page 7: A selection of the best Facebook apps to use 8: The essential marketing techniques to squeeze the best out of Facebook for business 9: How to use Facebook ads and promo features to build audience 10: How to add social plugins and additional functionality Free Bonus For Every Reader As a reader of the Using Facebook For Business Kindle Guide you will get immediate access to the PDF version of the book, so that you can print it, scribble on it and follow it simple step by simple step. This guide is made up of 200+ pages of great information, detailed instructions and experienced user tips, yet it assumes absolutely no technical knowledge. Take your first steps into the wonderful world of Facebook today and start using the social media platform that's adored by millions of users throughout the world.