Mystery of the Counterfeit Money

Mystery of the Counterfeit Money
February 1st 2012 by Finding Christ Books
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An envelope with $2000! Where did it come from? Jack and Jenny Carlton are on their way to Hong Kong again in this third Jack and Jenny Mystery.

As they make plans to share Chinese New Year with their friends, Ruth and Tim Chen, Jack says, ..".we don't go looking for robbers and smugglers. They are just there, and we happen to get involved. Honest, we don't even try to find them!" and the twins assure their parents this will just be a friendly visit with the Chens.

Although they promise to avoid trouble, their parents know better. It seems trouble gravitates to the twins like flies to honey.

That is just what happens when an accidental discovery lands them in the middle of a "Mystery of the Counterfeit Money." Anthony Bollback's talent for weaving a tale of intrigue captures young readers' imagination from the very beginning and makes this one of his most exciting mysteries. As in the first two mysteries, he skillfully includes the Carlton's strong Christian beliefs and witness for God right alongside the exciting exploits of the twins, which leads to a very important decision in this third book.