Sapphyre: Burden to Bare (The Sapphyre Saga Book 1)

Sapphyre: Burden to Bare (The Sapphyre Saga Book 1)
February 2nd 2018 by Felicia F. Leibenguth
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Lexi Darson is an ordinary teenager, leading a normal life, or so she thought… A recent move to Dansville, New York brought new friends, a first romance, and many unforeseen threats. The dreams, the visions, the warnings… are just the beginning for Lexi as the supernatural world comes forth, pulling her into its depths. Lexi has only scratched the surface of this new found realm, when a desperate call for help has her facing an immortal enemy. One that’s out to destroy anyone in his path to get what he wants. As the nightmare ensues, a shocking twist turns the tables, bringing more questions than answers, and the feeling of impending death lingering in the air…