The Wire Re-Up: The Guardian Guide to the Greatest TV Show Ever Made

The Wire Re-Up: The Guardian Guide to the Greatest TV Show Ever Made
September 1st 2010 by Random House UK
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Includes pieces by top crime writers like Michael Connelly and Irvine Welsh on David Simon's masterpiece, as well as episode guides that take on such themes as the women of The Wire, fathers and sons, and food in The Wire Multi-layered, morally-challenging, and action-packed—The Wire is an epic novel in the form of a television program. Nothing like it has been made before and—to its millions of fans—nothing as good will ever be made again. It is a show that prompts end debate, and the debates continue here. Is Omar Little the coolest criminal since Robin Hood? Which series has the best theme tune? Will Bubbles survive Baltimore? Avon or Stringer? How does McNulty have so much success with women? With the show now over, these and hundreds of other questions are discussed in this brilliant collection of features and comments from the Guardian's Wire Re-up blog. Together with interviews with the show's creators and stars, running totals per episode (murders, Bunk drunk, Herc screw-ups, and much more), and a quiz created by the stars themselves, this book will guarantee fans that one last fix they've been craving.