Two Weeks in Geneva: Book Two

Two Weeks in Geneva: Book Two
August 12th 2014
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Part Two Quinn Jeffries will remember her two weeks with Alexander Montague forever, but now, a year later, she's moved on and put Alexander firmly in the past. Or at least she thought had. Like a whirlwind, Alexander reenters her life, this time on her home turf, and Quinn's secrets are revealed.

Forced to confront deceptions from the past and an enraged Alexander, whose fierce passion is on the verge of turning into an equally fierce hate, Quinn tries to reconcile her misdeeds. She and Alexander establish a fragile truce, and the connection between them grows. But a storm is on the horizon, and once it arrives, the future that she has just begun to imagine might be possible may not survive. Two Weeks in Geneva: Book Two is a 20,000 word contemporary interracial romance and is the second entry in the three-part serial chronicling Quinn and Alexander's journey. It features an Alpha hero and curvy African American heroine and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen. Two Weeks in Geneva Book One: Available Now Book Two: Available Now Book Three: September 2014