BILLIONAIRES and BAGMEN: What Happens When A Small Town Takes Them On

BILLIONAIRES and BAGMEN: What Happens When A Small Town Takes Them On
March 24th 2016 by Blue Point Books
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Billionaires and Bagmen offers a surprising solution to the question many people are asking: How can we take our lives back from an over-reaching government, Wall Street power brokers, lobbyist-written laws, the billionaires who buy them off and candidates we don’t like? Sean Cogan, is funny, prickly, charismatic economist turned venture capitalist, comes up with the idea that his town should simply ignore Big Brother's rules and write its own.

He is convinced that the government is no longer “of, by and for the people,” that the President and all three branches of government are bought, paid for, and held in the grip of powerful billionaires, corrupt multinational corporations and their bagmen: the politicians and lobbyists who carry out their agendas. From a savvy newspaper reporter to a secretive former CIA agent who knows how the game is played to the idiot alcoholic mayor of the town who tries to sabotage the initiative, events start to spin out of control.

Things go from bad to worse when the powers that be in Washington become concerned that this independence movement could take on a life of its own. Cogan and his team of supporters, old high school friends, plow ahead in spite of the collusion of spies, lobbyists, a controversial talk show host and a whole boatload of other unsavory characters. It’s an exciting, scary and dangerous ride.