The Last Journal Of The Fallen

The Last Journal Of The Fallen
September 7th 2017 by Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
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The personal diary of the world’s most notorious villain from the darkest days of mankind. Worldwide disasters are slowly decimating the earth.

The world’s population is decreasing at unprecedented proportions. Famine and war are around every corner. Powerful governments are failing. An entire people group is being slowly and methodically hunted. One man arrogantly stands at the head of all this, promising life to all who follow him. Some call him a prophet, some call him king, others call him messiah. However, the Bride knows him as the Antichrist. This is his journal. The Last Journal of the Fallen is a story written from the perspective of the man that rules the world at the end of the age. In his pursuit of ultimate power, one thing stands in the way—the Bride. She, along with everything she stands for, must be destroyed. As for the remaining citizens of earth, will life only become worse, or could there still be hope? The answer is yes, depending on where their devotion lies; when not only they, but also the ones they love the most, are tortured mercily.