Come: a Forbidden Romance

Come: a Forbidden Romance
March 20th 2016 by Bangkok Nights
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WARNING: YOU SHOULDN'T BUY THIS BOOK, EITHER We've been here once before, haven't we? I warned you about the last book, Hung: a Stepbrother Romance, but you didn't listen. You went ahead and read it anyway, even after I warned you to stay away. Now you feel dirty, don't you? You feel ashamed.

You feel like you did something wrong. You should. If you read my books you're a dirty girl. I can see you're already excited. I can see you're thinking about your favorite toy. I can see you're eager to come again, so soon after the last time. Come: a Forbidden Romance is a book to be read late at night, under the covers. It's a book to be read with your Kindle in one hand. Your other hand will be busy. This book will make you wet. You have been warned.

***************************** Plot? Nah. I don't give damn about the plot. Neither do you. This book features a man and a woman.

Neither of them are real. I invented them both to make you come. The girl is called Chastity.

I thought it might be fun to watch a girl with such a nice, virtuous name bent over and fucked by her stepbrother.

I wanted to see her beg him silently with her eyes until he finally lets her come. The guy? Oh, don't pretend to care what he's called. He's bigger than anyone you've ever seen, and he has eyes for his stepsis. Don't give me that look. You know exactly what's coming. That's why you're already getting wet. ***************************** A message from the author: Hi. I wrote this. I wrote this book because I asked my readers what they wanted from me. In fact, I asked several thousand of them, and their answer was loud and clear. They told me they wanted to read the kind of stories I used to write, back when I was one of the most popular erotica authors in the world...

before I started writing bestselling romance novels... before I toned down the sex to appeal to a wider audience... before I sold out for the money (though the money is good). They wanted something dirty. Something forbidden. A book they'd feel ashamed for enjoying, but unable to forget. This book isn't for you. This book is for them. ***************************** Friend me on Facebook or sign up for my mailing list so you don't miss my launch announcements. Hell, do both, then go and fetch some spare batteries for your favorite toy. You're gonna need 'em.