The Prince's Consort

The Prince's Consort
August 24th 2015
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Mysterious Brigands from the North assault King Lionel's land. To deal with the scourge the king send's his only son, Prince Erich to rid the city of them. Among the ravaged city, the prince rescues a young man who has fallen victim to the violent raids. Prince Erich takes the young Devlin under his wing and soon falls hard for the mysterious stranger with pale blond hair and alabaster skin. Everyone in the kingdom is swooning over Devlin except the prince's loyal squire, Luke. Luke knows something isn't right. He feels it deep down in his soul. He doesn't trust Devlin, especially with the man he loves...

Prince Erich. Luke will not allow any harm to come to Erich, but no one believes him, no believes that evil has come to nest right under their roof. Can Luke convince the bravest knights of the kingdom to help him before it's too late? The Prince's Consort is a short story and part one of a two part story.