You, Me and Him: A Menage Erotica Short

You, Me and Him: A Menage Erotica Short
September 1st 2012 by Abernathy and Monroe
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***WARNING!!! EXPLICIT CONTENT!!!*** Things get hot and dirty when a young woman fulfills her favorite fantasy by having a threesome with her boyfriend and his good looking best friend. Holly knows that her boyfriend's best friend is off limits. But that doesn't keep her eye from wandering and her fantasies of a hot menage a trois from burgeoning.

Inevitably, the situation comes to a head when the air conditioner goes out and he sees her stripped down to her underwear. What ensues is a hot make out session that is interrupted by her boyfriend who surprises them by not only telling them to continue but also that he wants to join in. You, Me and Him: A Menage Erotica Short is a story that really turns up the heat.

Please keep in mind, however, that this book contains adult situations and language and is intended for a mature audience.