Chicago Betrayed

Chicago Betrayed
July 31st 2017 by Primrose Publishing, LLC
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They’d kill for a lie.

But for the truth, they’ll die. Detective Shannon Rourke is chasing the deadliest criminal she’s ever known: her brother. Michael Rourke is a hit man exiled from Chicago’s Irish Mob, and he’s just violated the agreement keeping him alive. Although it feels like a betrayal, Shannon knows that arresting Michael is the only chance she has to save him. But before Shannon can track him down, she catches a case for a triple murder in an abandoned rail yard on the Chicago River. Her only cooperative witness is a home guy named Hairy Harry who's a little ... unreliable. While Shannon combs though the massacre at the home camp, the Irish Mob is sweeping every back alley and dive bar in the Windy City. They’re closing in on the brother who always protected her. She’s saved Michael from his demons before, but this time is different. This time, they’re coming after Shannon, too.