A Few Good Angels

A Few Good Angels
August 24th 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
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When Michael A. Montigny's mother, Viola, was young, she was diagnosed with polio. Anxious about what awaited her, Viola listened when an elderly woman-a neighbor-came to tell her of her future. The old woman informed Viola that if she gave up something she loved and prayed to God for assistance, she would eventually walk again. Viola did make progress. The woman told Viola many other things: she would marry a man in law enforcement; her first two children would be wealthy and happy; and her youngest boy would never return home from a foreign war. This secret about Viola's youngest, Michael, was kept hidden from him for many years, but he eventually found out. When he's drafted at the age of nineteen, his parents are frantic. Every other prophecy had come true. Luckily, Michael has angels on his side. This incredible true story about the power of faith and love follows Michael through his time in Vietnam as a US Marine and beyond. His angels come in all shapes and sizes, and Michael recounts how they bed and protected him throughout his life. Read this book, and be on the lookout for your own guardian angel.