Nature Lover Tales of Cupidity

Nature Lover Tales of Cupidity
May 23rd 2017 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
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Even late bloomers come of age. Rayne LaVow, author, businesswoman, witch, didn't have much time for personal matters as she made her way out of an orphanage. That's about to change. As Rayne moves into a new home, she finds that she's moves into a magickal place, physically, spiritually, & sexually. On a mission to find out what she's been missing, Rayne confronts her fears and charges forth despite them. As she makes changes, some of the people she loves struggle with the new dynamic.

Can she be true to herself and true to them? She must find a way to move forward without leaving anyone behind. Rayne and her creator, author Angel Rae, have each taken their own leap of faith out of their comfort zones, landed on their feet, and come into their own. Who knows where they'll end up? I do; exactly where they want to be.