The Woods: Part One (The Woods Series)

The Woods: Part One (The Woods Series)
May 30th 2017
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-Part One of Three in The Woods Series- Is there something looking back at me? Is there something there waiting for me? At the edge of the woods behind his father's house, James Callum thinks he sees a monster. His father thinks he's interested in watching the deer, but James is more interested in what's watching him. For a twelve-year-old city boy, the intense openness of the Ohio countryside is like another world. The fields stretch forever, the summer heat is unrelenting, and the thick woods at the edge of the property hide untold secrets. When no one believes he's seeing a monster, his entire world unravels, leaving the frayed strands of his identity entangled with the mystery of the monster in the woods. With the help of his friends Jack and Owen, James risks his life, family, and friendships to prove the monster is real and uncover the truth behind it. In THE WOODS, Milo Abrams pierces the veil of curiosity with an almost unbearable build-up of suspense and emotion. Don't go outside. Don't look into the backyard. There's something in the woods.