Science Literacy for the Twenty-First Century

Science Literacy for the Twenty-First Century
October 1st 2002 by Prometheus Books
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This outstanding collection of essays - authored by eminent scientists and science educators, including Bruce Alberts, Howard Gardner, Margaret Geller, Stephen Jay Gould, George A. Keyworth, Lawrence M. Krauss, Leon Lederman, Sheila Tobias, and James Trefil - provides suggestions for enhancing science education in the United States and improving the standards of scientific literacy throughout the world. Unfortunately, our educational system is now suffering from a shortage of science teachers, and many of those already teaching science need to be better qualified. Furthermore, our science curriculum must be designed to teach our children to be conversant with and to think critically about the complex scientific issues they will face as adults. Finally, our high schools need to be in a position to offer all students a world-class science foundation, which prepares them to pursue scientific training at the university level if they so choose.

Nobel laureate Leon Lederman is a world-renowned contributor to this book, and this volume commemorates his eightieth birthday as one of the nation's foremost scientists and a vigorous proponent of better science education in our public schools. These essays offer many innovative and thought-provoking suggestions for improving the scientific knowledge of our citizenry. If the United States is to compete as a world leader in the future, a thorough understanding of science will be a necessity for us all.