Enchanted By Fire

Enchanted By Fire
February 1st 2018 by Red Lily Publishing
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The Club of the Darkblood Secret Society was the one place in New York City where I could freely unfurl my wings and express my true nature, but it wasn’t enough. I needed the freedom to track down the hunters that tore apart my family, yet my fellow Darkbloods wanted to prevent drawing undue attention to our existence. Things only got more complicated when Resa Robinson, a sassy reporter and fantasy blogger, showed up at my office for an interview. She was looking for the real story behind the mysterious owner of Cobalt Computers, and she found it when she caught me shifting. With no option but to take her prisoner, I had to decide what to do with a bold, beautiful woman who was more intrigued than intimidated by my status as a dragon. I had all the money in the world, but I was going to have to find a different way to fix this problem. **This is the third installment of the Dragons Of The Darkblood Secret Society series. Each story is a standalone and may be read in any order. Book 1: Playing With Fire Book 2: Marked By Fire Book 3: Enchanted By Fire