Praising Pete

Praising Pete
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Book 7 The Taylor 12: Sons of a preacher but far from saints, these men are nothing but trouble! (12 books series but can be read alone) Pete Taylor is a non-denominational preacher who has a problem with gambling and making bets - even if he does it only for the good of the church and others. He returns from doing mission work in Peru to take over his late father's church in the small town of Sweet Water, Michigan. But before he leaves Peru, he's tempted into making a wager with a rich man that can solve all his problems by saving both his church and mission. Little does he know when he agrees to mentor the man's unruly daughter and prep her for marriage to someone else, that he'd fall in love with her himself. Eva Manterro is happy to be coming back to the States with the preacher man who's just saved her life. She thinks she's coming with him to find a job to make money to pay back her school debts and to make her father happy. But little does she know when she starts to fall in love with the preacher, he is keeping secrets from her that threaten the wonderful relationship developing between them. Will the small town of Sweet Water that seems to be Heaven, really turn into Hell for both of them before this is all over?