The Mommy Plan, Restoring Your Post-Pregnancy Body Naturally, Using Women's Traditional Wisdom

The Mommy Plan, Restoring Your Post-Pregnancy Body Naturally, Using Women's Traditional Wisdom
May 15th 2012 by Post-Pregnancy Wellness Company
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IBU ROBIN LIM, CNN HERO OF THE YEAR 2011-2012 “It is time to care for ALL new mothers, and The Mommy Plan is an important key to having the knowledge “toolbox” prepared to help.” Introduction For the very first time food science, anatomy and medical science are put behind core tenants of one of the most effective traditional post-pregnancy recovery programs in the world. Specific guidelines and recommendations surrounding a mother’s diet, activities and personal care after childbirth are presented in detail. How food is used as medicine and why certain foods can negatively or positively affect the healing capabilities of a woman’s body as it transitions back to a non-pregnant state are answered. The traditional recovery guidelines presented in this book have been adapted for a western diet and lifestyle making it easy, and cost effective, for a recovering mother to incorporate them into her daily routine. Suggestions of how staple meals can be adapted to the recommended cooking guidelines as well as sample recipes and shopping lists are included. Your perspective on after birth care will be changed after you read this book. Post-pregnancy Recovery Information Void There is ample knowledge regarding fertility and pregnancy in western countries however there is a huge void in any specific post-pregnancy recovery knowledge that is widely known or followed. Western countries that do not have a supportive post-pregnancy culture have only one solution, to turn to countries that have a rich after birth heritage in order to gain insight and knowledge. Therefore Western countries are no longer ignoring the fact that there is ample evidence-based proof regarding the effectiveness of traditional post-pregnancy guidelines and how they accelerate a mother’s recovery from pregnancy and childbirth. However the primary obstacle in the past, to allow for general acceptance, has been the lack of explanation of how traditional post-pregnancy guidelines positively affects a mother’s body as it transitions back to a non-pregnant state; and how such effects assist with a speedy recovery? These obstacles have been demystified by breaking them down with a scientific perspective. All after birth beliefs, practices and traditions are based on the Humoral Theory of Medicine that is applied to the period after childbirth. Asian Post-pregnancy Healthcare in a Global Lead Position Asian healthcare traditions are in a global lead position. Not only does Asia have the raw materials, it has the knowledge as well. The world is increasingly reverting to natural forms of healthcare and demand for the same is high. The growing field of natural healthcare is now becoming well established in official government healthcare policies in many countries of the world.

To illustrate how Asian countries are far advanced of Western countries, when it comes to after birth recovery and miscarriage care*, a visit to a post-pregnancy recovery unit in the Traditional Complementary Medicine (TCM) department of a hospital in Malaysia is described in Chapter 3, Taking Care of Mom = Taking Care of Baby, called A Heavenly Post-pregnancy Experience. Don’t Underestimate Them, Understand Them Western countries are no longer underestimating the effectiveness of traditional post-pregnancy traditions, they are being understood. As women across the world are embracing more natural ways and means into their lifestyle, western mommies are searching for natural ways to recover from childbirth. The ability to heal at a faster rate from pregnancy is required in modern cultures as women must resume their normal life within weeks after delivery.

The Mommy Plan is an introduction of the modern practical application of traditional post-pregnancy care.