The Real Thing

The Real Thing
July 31st 2017
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"I think it sounds like fun!" The corporate bosses thought Caleb had a boyfriend, and he needed one in the flesh fast.

Dex, the new veterinarian in Catlett's Cove, had experience in fake relationships and was willing to step in to lend a hand. There was always the possibility that something real could grow out of something fake. After one corporate event, there was another, and it didn't take long before Caleb and Dex secretly hoped that the relationship was more real than originally planned. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that sorting out reality wasn't the only issue Dex and Caleb might face as a couple. Travel back to the shores of Summers Lake for the fourth and final Catlett's Cove novel. The Real Thing is a 50,000 word novel with a fake relationship, quick course in herpetology, and steamy scenes. It can be read as a standalone, but reading the three previous novels in the Catlett's Cove series will give you insight into the group of friends that stand by and support Dex and Caleb as they find their way to a happily-ever-after ending.