How Not to Kill a Muslim

How Not to Kill a Muslim
April 13th 2015 by Cascade Books
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The adherents of Islam and Christianity comprise half of the world's population, or 3.5 billion people. Tension between them exists throughout the world and is increasing here in North America. In How Not to Kill a Muslim, Dr. Joshua Graves provides a practical subversive theological framework for a strategic posture of peaceful engagement between Christians and Muslims. Based upon both academic and personal experience (Josh grew up in Metro Detroit), this book will provide progressive Christians with a clear understanding of Jesus' radical message of inclusivity and love. There is no one who is not a neighbor. There is no them. There's only us. Our future depends upon this becoming true in our cities, synagogues, churches, and mosques. In pluralistic societies such as those of Canada and the United States, the true test of Christianity is what it offers those who are not Christian. And it starts with Islam. For the cover: ""In pointing us back to Genesis and the imagination of Jesus--especially as evidenced in the parable of the Good Samaritan--Josh Graves provides us with some of the basic fodder necessary for Christians to make much needed advances in our relations with American Muslims. May God grant that we all foster the sort of imagination to which Josh calls us."" --Lee C. Camp, Professor of Theology, Lipscomb University, Nashville, TN ""Our relationship with our Muslim neighbors, locally and globally, is the most pressing challenge facing the Christian church today. But the obstacles are enormous. How can we come live out the gospel story given the pervasive climate of fear, ignorance, and suspicion? Sharing the hard-won insights from his interfaith work with Muslim neighbors and leaders in Nashville, Josh Graves calls upon the followers of Jesus to become agents of grace, peace, love, and reconciliation. A passionate, powerful, and urgent call to action."" --Richard Beck, author of Unclean ""Josh Graves has developed an amazing project that invites American Muslims and Christians to dialogue about their common humanity as children of the same God. He argues clearly that the relationship of American Muslims and Christians is arguably the most pressing issue of our time. If Christians are not convinced, well, they should be as the author's 'proof texts' are those great conflict stories of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures like Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, Israel and Ishmael, Joseph and his elder brothers, the Merciful Samaritan, culminating in the Jesus story. I hope every Christian congregation extends an invitation to this important dialogue."" --Charlie Strobel, founder, Room in the Inn, Nashville, TN For the front matter: ""God created this diversity among human beings in race, color, and ethnicity to test us in doing good deeds. Islam teaches us that there is no compulsion in faith; all humans are free to practice their religion. These golden principles are the guidelines for Muslims in dealing with non-Muslims to live in peace with their non-Muslim neighbors. We live as part of a worldwide human community that is at war with itself. Unfortunately, these conflicts are both justified and emotionally intensified by religions. After all, the Quran preaches that all men are created equal. For this reason, I wholeheartedly endorse Josh's How Not to Kill a Muslim project!"" --Amir Arain, Vanderbilt University/Islamic Center of Nashville, Nashville, TN ""Josh Graves undertakes a critical issue of our times and does so with empathy, sensitivity, and accuracy. How Not to Kill a Muslim is more than a mere corrective in the challenges of interfaith understanding. It combines personal account with research data, history, and theology to a readable narrative that will be of benefit not only to Christians and Muslims, but also to all who are interested in the mission of humanity."" --Saeed A.

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