The Disaster Relief Club

The Disaster Relief Club
December 27th 2011 by Billibatt Productions
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It is going to take more than disaster recovery skills for Lorna to survive what shook loose on Ohlone Island after this latest earthquake! Nestled in the heart of the San Francisco Bay, Ohlone Island has a little something for everyone: beaches, bakeshops, espionage, tennis courts, fraud, book clubs, murder... Lorna stood frozen in frustration in the newly sloping kitchen. How could she have slept through a 4.7 earthquake? Instead of standing there like a melting popsicle, Lorna drags her best friend, Annie, to join the island's Disaster Relief Club, where Lorna promptly falls on top of a dead body.

That doesn't worry Annie, "Lorna's like a yo-yo, she gets to the end of her rope and pops back up." But when the dead body disappears and Lorna is arrested for assault, possibly framing Lorna for murder, Annie realizes someone in the club has a lot more at stake than just preparing for an emergency. The second book of the O Line Mystery series, The Disaster Relief Club reveals the hidden agendas and escalating tensions in the island's public and private sectors.