The Final Kill (The Koldest Kill Book 1)

The Final Kill (The Koldest Kill Book 1)
March 3rd 2017
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Going to war with Storm was the biggest mistake June ever made. Walking away alive was the bing he took for granted. Losing his best friend, his woman, and his child at the same time left his heart burning. Hot like fire, he has become a smoking gun with no safety button. Living with a heart that has been bleeding for many years, June thinks the world owes him everything.

On a mission to take his old hood back, June forms a new crew filled with drug dealers and killers, and together they build an empire they believe is built to last. Moon, Johnny Rock, and Kato are all part of the crew, and with June leading them, they feel the takeover will be a success. Loving the streets, June knows no other way to survive. How is he going to make it through this fire he’s started? Will he bleed and burn, or will he rise to the top? Will his past help him or hurt him? Will he ever change, or will he always be the son trying to live like the king? Is it really in his blood?