Arizona Aussie

Arizona Aussie
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Scott Harrison has had it with women. Determination hardens in him like concrete…he’ll remain a bachelor forever. Then fun-loving Randee Lambert pops up in the pen with his prize bull. The beautiful, Australian veterinarian adds a whole new dimension to the definition of trouble. Arizona Aussie is a fun-filled contemporary romance with lots of twists. What Readers Are Saying : "Once again I was hooked from the first paragraph of SQ Eads books. This is a story that puts you right in the middle of the action. The vet in this story is so independent and strong and she was so completely funny at times I was laughing out loud. When you match her with a strong male character, you have instant romance. The male character was so strong and yet he clearly relied on God to guide his daily life. It amazes me to read truly good stories where you can see the characters rely on God in their daily lives. This book kept me reading way into the night--couldn't put it down." "This was really enjoyable reading! How fun to see how we can have preconceived notions of people. Sometimes pretty faces are also quite capable of amazing accomplishments! With the support and love of strongly committed parents and family, we can accomplish, or even endure, just about anything!"