Amish Brides Boxed Set (Amish Brides #1-5)

Amish Brides Boxed Set (Amish Brides #1-5)
November 26th 2015
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This Amish Romance five book Boxed Set includes: Arranged Marriage: Even though the Amish don't arrange marriages, that didn't stop Miriam Shantz's parents from arranging for her to marry Amish man, Adam Stutzman. With only vague memories of Adam, Miriam goes along with her parents' plans of the marriage until she sees the tall young Amish man, Stephen Williams. Stephen and Miriam forge a friendship when he takes the family by covered wagon on the journey from the port of Pennsylvania to the Stutzmans' farm in Earltown. Adam's family had moved to America many years before, and it was they who had encouraged the Shantz family to follow. When Miriam is reacquainted with Adam, she finds he is not the same person she remembered, and this sparks rebellion within the normally quiet Amish girl. With encouragement from Stephen, she finds the courage to tell her parents that she cannot go through with the arranged marriage to Adam. Once Miriam is released from her obligations, will she find that Stephen is everything she hoped? Will Miriam regret calling off the marriage to Adam when she learns that one cannot always rely upon first impressions? Falling in Love: As Miriam prepares for the birth of her first child, the Shantz family work to build a life for themselves in their new country. The first crops haven't done as well as they'd hoped and the pressure is on Miriam's sister, Hazel, to find herself a good husband. Hazel knows her family want her to marry one of the Stutzman boys, but Hazel has someone else in mind. It doesn't take Hazel long to figure out that Stephen, the Amish man she's attracted to, is not suited to her. Nothing goes smoothly for Hazel as she tries to satisfy everyone's expectations. Things get worse when she notices that Stephen has the attention of every girl in town. Stephen claims to love her, but can she trust the man who had treated her older sister badly? Finding Love: What happens to the lively youngest Shantz girl, Moira, when she shocks her family by taking a job as a teacher far from home? Moira doesn't want to end up like her two older sisters who are married with children, so jumps at the teaching opportunity that the bishop suggests. Moira meets other men in her new Amish community, but her mind opens to more of what the world has to offer when she meets an English doctor. Will Moira find love and happiness away from Tom, the only Amish man she has ever loved? Amish Second Loves: Family members are upset when widower, Michael Stutzman, shows interest in Moira's friend, Selma, an interest which started when Selma came to help with Moira's new baby. Michael's children believe Selma threatens to take the place of their mother. Moira is torn between her loyalty to Selma and Michael's deceased wife, who was like a mother to her. Moira wonders whether Michael has forgotten his wife. Meanwhile, Selma faces struggles of her own. She is uncomfortable with being the cause of so much unhappiness. Will Selma go back home to her life filled with peace, quiet, and her many cats for comfort, and leave the gentle and kind man she loves? Amish Silence: Just because someone is deaf doesn't mean they're stupid, and that's how people treated Esther. She could see them roll their eyes and she could sense their irritation when she asked them to repeat themselves. Esther had suffered a severe hearing loss due to illness as a child. All Esther wanted was to be treated as a normal twenty-five-year-old woman. She lived life as a recluse and attended very few Amish gatherings. When a storm damages Esther's house, she is forced to spend time with Amish builder, Devon Hershberger.