Laoshi (Teacher) Living and Teaching in China

Laoshi (Teacher) Living and Teaching in China
April 1st 2012 by Kenneth R. Arnold
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335 Pages. An amazing story of how China is jumping into the future but remains in the past. I spent a year teaching English in China at a University and living among the Chinese in the far north while school was out of session. I would later be threaten by the foreign affairs officer at my University and I would watch my Chinese friend get arrested by the police; but that would all come later. China is undergoing the biggest economic expansion in the history of the world. Never has so many people's lives been made better in such a short time span. It makes the United States look like it's going backwards. Everything you ever heard about China is true and a thousand things you cannot imagine. This my story of living and teaching in China. • What is China like today? • How are the young people of China likely to change China? • How is business conducted in China? • The complexity of China goes far beyond peeling back the layers of an onion analogy. You move to the next layer and it goes off in 10 different directions I would meet two people who would become the best friends I ever had.

One is a male student, who is trying to balance an unrelenting search to meet girls and his academic studies. The other is a Chinese man whom I live with. He works on a railroad in a small dirty coal town and makes $45 a week. His brother was killed in a coal mine. Twice a year during "spirit full moons" he goes up on the mountain where his brother is buried and burns paper money to give to his brother. He gets arrested for stealing coal even though the police know he did not do it. Why? There is a saying in China; "You have to kill the chickens to scare the monkey." Yes; someone has to be punished even if it is the wrong person. I would come to understand China through them and in the process fall in love with China