The Hearse You Came in On

The Hearse You Came in On
February 1st 2001 by Hyperion Books
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Introducing a clever and gripping first mystery novel featuring an unconventional undertaker -- who also happens to be one of Baltimore's most eligible and charming bachelors. "I was going along just fine, solemnly chaperoning the dead into their graves and pretty much otherwise minding my own business when the woman calling herself Carolyn James stuck her halfway pretty face into my life and scattered all hell to the wind." What self-respecting undertaker would allow himself to get involved in a murder investigation, a series of dirty videos, a case of political blackmail, and police corruption, as well as one of the worst amateur theater productions in recent memory? None, un your name happens to be Hitchcock Sewell, the most charming suspense hero to come along in years. And who knew an undertaker could look so good? In this fast-paced and enormously entertaining mystery, Hitch has gotten himself into more trouble than any self-respecting undertaker should. This funny, offbeat new mystery series is bound to delight fans of Elmore Leonard and Janet Evanovich. About the Author: Tim Cockey, who spent his formative years in Baltimore, has been a story analyst for many major film and television companies, including American Playhouse, ABC, and Hallmark Entertainment. This is his first novel. He lives in New York City