Calidar "In Stranger Skies": Airman Edition

August 2nd 2015 by Calidar Publishing
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Calidar is the perfect setting for adventure game fiction.

Set in a fantasy world, it is the backdrop for amazing stories by legendary TSR game designer Bruce Heard. Continuing in the same tradition as the Voyages of the Princess Ark from Dragon Magazine, you can enjoy the tales and adventures of the crew of the Star Phoenix, a skyship at the service of the Kingdom of Meryath. With no memory of their homes or their pasts, the crew of the Star Phoenix have arrived in Calidar's mysterious universe. Under the command of the roguish captain Isledemer d'Alberran, they formed an alliance with the Hero Kingdom of Meryath. Their stories range from plying the realm of the dead to fighting battles against dragons in the void. Find out the rest of their story in the Airman’s Edition below. Calidar's Airman Edition contains the voyages of the crew of the Star Phoenix without the world gazetteer that is part of the printed book. This way you can concentrate on the story without game-related material. If you are interested in the details of the world of Calidar as well, remember that both the print and PDF versions of the core book contain the first installment of the story. Check out the amazing maps to get a full understanding of the setting of Stranger Skies.