Arriani (The Rise of the Royal Elven, #1)

Arriani (The Rise of the Royal Elven, #1)
August 6th 2013 by Jk Publishing
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In book one of the Rise of the Royal Elven: Arriani leaves to find a little solace after her heart gets broken. When word reaches her that she is needed back home, she heads back with a new attitude toward life itself. After arriving her life once again takes a beating and she finds herself using her new skills to save her cousin—and her kingdom.

Zaykin is sent to kill several persons and he is fine with that. It's what he does—very well. However, he meets his match and in more ways than one, leaving him questioning the actions in his life. He finds himself torn between what he was paid to do and losing his heart—no matter which choice he makes. Will Arriani be in time to save her cousin and their kingdom? Will she put her past behind and reach for the happiness she deserves? Only time and the decision of one man, who has the glue to piece her heart back together, will tell. Warning: Sexually explicit content. M/F