Desires: Fantasy Becomes Reality for an Occasional Crossdresser

Desires: Fantasy Becomes Reality for an Occasional Crossdresser
March 28th 2017 by Deloto and Newgen Publishing
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A trip to the antique store changes an occasional crossdresser forever. Ready for two weeks off from classes and feminizing himself for a little entertainment, Daniel ends up chasing his innermost fantasies and becomes a fully transformed shemale, called Daniela, with insatiable desires. A never-ending libido, with no way to stem it, forces Daniela to seek relief in any way possible. In the process of trying to satisfy her deepest desires, Daniela ends up becoming exactly what Daniel’s inner thoughts and fantasies always were. Is that to return to a normal life as a genetic male who can turn his feminization on or off (and with a normal libido), or will he be stuck as a shemale with relent desires… or will it be something in between? What was Daniel always dreaming of being? Start reading this hot and steamy 15,000-word LGBT fantasy now. Join this new adult tranny on her journey to become what she didn’t even know she wanted. Look inside now.