Waters of Mormon (The Liahona Legacies, #4)

Waters of Mormon (The Liahona Legacies, #4)
2007 by Sounds of Zion Incorporated
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Unaware of what Moroni's Treasure can do, Hero's mom, Mrs. M., picks up the beautifully ornate Liahona. Unable to stop the bright flash of light, Hero watches in horror as Tater, Squeaks, Butch and Mrs. M. suddenly disappear into another heart-racing Book of Mormon adventure.

Once Mrs.

M. is convinced they are no longer at home and armed only with the Book of Mormon and the boys' backpacks, the group wanders through the night, searching for clues as to when and where they have traveled. Chased by soldiers and struggling to stay hidden in a dark and foreboding forest, their mission is very much a mystery until Squeaks falls into the river and finds a friend, at least he says he's a friend, who tells her where they are and what they need to do. Or does he? To survive and make it back home alive, Tater, Butch, Squeaks and Mrs. M. will need to rely on the help of their teammates back home, choose wisely who they trust, follow the clues given in the Book of Mormon, and most importantly, listen to the promptings of the Lord.