Vampire Enigma

Vampire Enigma
April 30th 2017 by Kindle Worlds
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When the rumble of an expensive motorcycle's tuned pipes and a man the size of a mountain, dressed in leather, shows up at her door, Sam isn’t sure what to expect. Her unexpected guest is the leader of the local BACA motorcycle club and he has a ten year old kidnapping puzzle for her to help him unravel. The mother of the, now teenage girl, swears that she saw her in a local amusement park and she wants some answers. 'Sledge', hearing that Samantha Moon is the very best private investigator in Southern California, comes to her in hope she can she some light on a case long gone cold. Each layer that is peeled away leads to yet another mystery, but Sam gets a little help from her friends along the way and, surprisingly enough, from her daughter, Tammy, as well. Will Sam be able to bring peace to a hopeful mother and put the nightmare of her long lost daughter to an end?