The Fantastical Life of Serenity: Epilogue

The Fantastical Life of Serenity: Epilogue
November 19th 2013
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Every person in history lives and dies; this is the way of the world. They work, eat, sleep, fall in and out of love; they fight, cry, build, and plant. How many people yearn for the chance to be part of something fantastical? What would you do if given that opportunity to take the reins of one's own destiny? Serenity was professional, courteous, educated, and beautiful but also timid with little in the way of a social life. After a life-altering event unlocked latent myriad lives, she wanted to love as she had in them; to have desires, ambitions, and dreams of faraway places only glimpsed in her walk between worlds. How does that work out when she returns to the most real of her incarnations, where she thinks of herself as boring? Read the next installation of Serenity's fantastical experiences betwixt the ether and the daily grind; the changeling and mundane forms of herself. Join her as she thoroughly pushes herself to enjoy life to fullest, and searches for a happiness as real as any of her many choices before. Would she necessarily want what she finds?