Elite Fighter II - Quickie: Qui-Mu's Tale

Elite Fighter II - Quickie: Qui-Mu's Tale
March 23rd 2017 by Amazon Digital Services
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A pinball game with fisting. A fighting game with balls. A terrifying fanfiction author in deep. Industry Giant Tornado Tech has released a home version of their popular pinball/fighting game hybrid and everyone is excited to beat each other and win the first ever Elite Fighter II – Quickie tournament.

Qui-Mu is a cinch to win and claim the prize. She has a diversified investment portfolio and really strong thighs. But not all balls are plunged perfectly and soon the game has been sexually corrupted by a deviant of the highest order, the nefarious Qui-Mu! Wait, Qui-Mu is supposed to be the protagonist of this tale, why is she the one causing trouble? That isn’t right. What is going on? As I Qui-Mu, the ultimate narrator of stories, take over for the lame ass regular narrator, their own question remains unanswered: How did you take over the blurb Qui-Mu? More important to Qui-Mu is my own personal question, “How much sweet ass action am I going to get in this Novelette?” Warning: Contains m/f, f/m/m situations, and inner goddess banging. While part of a series, this novelette can be read as a stand alone story!