Possessing Shelbie (The Preacher's Virgin Daughters Book 10)

Possessing Shelbie (The Preacher's Virgin Daughters Book 10)
May 11th 2014 by Pink Parts Press
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She was so going to Hell - but the glimpse she had gotten of the dark heat still flaring in Derek's deep chocolate eyes almost made her think he might be worth it. In the weeks since teasing her best friend's dad went too far and Derek Vance claimed her innocence Shelbie has done her best to stay far away. She can't forget him, though, and at night she burns for him in her dreams. Deep down she knows she enjoyed every sinful second just as much as he did, and her only chance to avoid damnation is to keep away. But when Lisa invites her to spend the night again Shelbie finds herself thrown back into temptation. Can she resist her forbidden desire for Derek, or will she surrender to him as she did before? Follow along with Shelbie’s sisters as they experience their own first times in the other stories of The Preacher’s Virgin Daughters 1a. Taking Kelsey / 1b.

Busting Kelsey 2a. Sharing Lindsay / 2b. Pleasuring Lindsay 3a. Arousing Brandi / 3b. Awakening Brandi 4a. Punishing Shelbie / 4b. Possessing Shelbie 5. Disciplining Avery 6. Nailing Katie