Los Banditos: A Biker Romance Collection

Los Banditos: A Biker Romance Collection
March 22nd 2017
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Get 4 books full of HOT MC ROMANCE action! If you know you should stay away...

but can't resist the BAD BOYS then you have come to the right place. WARNING contains adult themes that will make your knees weak. In Deep: Love Struck It’s just another girl. But at the end of the day, bad boy rebel Ethan, cannot stop himself from having her. Of course, he wants to keep the peace with his twin brother, but what Evan doesn’t know can’t hurt him, right? Introducing the sweet nurse Kaylen, the (not so sweet) girl who can’t make up her mind. Leather, motorcycles and tattoos: she finds herself navigating one hell of a set of twins. The sexual tension is so thick you can barely stand it. When Kaylen announces she can’t choose between the twins things get tense as two brothers fight for her love... Sweet Revenge What’s worse than f!#king up the rival MC president’s bike up? Well… banging his sexy daughter of course... Ethan: Trouble man. That's me and I don't pretend I'm anything but that. Trouble has a way of following me. That's why I don't make ties. I love 'em, then leave 'em and I've yet to have any complaints. There's nothing more important in my life than my bike and my club and I would never risk them. That is until Molly walked by, this girl has me hooked… Molly: The last thing I needed was a man like Ethan crashing into my life.

At first glance, he looks like he'll break me and ruin everything I've done to keep my past in the past. But he makes me forget. Forget I've left a life behind. The passion is pure heavenly bliss. No one has ever made my body feel this good. Burn it Down She’s worth the risk… Solomon wants one thing in this world and he's going to have it. Family. He doesn't care how many punches he has to throw or bullets he has to dodge because The Bandits offer the kind of loyalty he never got with blood. He is wicked close to earning his way into the club when he suddenly finds himself falling for a girl. He doesn’t have time for this sh*t but can’t seem to let it go. Jenny has nothing but her art to keep her company. She wants a man to set her on fire and do what her father never did - stick around. When her art suffers from her lack of excitement, she goes out with her friend for a night on the town and finds more than what she bargained for. Can she convince Solomon to give her what she wants, even at the risk of losing what he's been fighting for? Breaking Red He is smokin’ HOT. She is a fiery redhead. When their worlds collide sparks fly. Alyssa Monroe is in over her head. A wedding planner by trade, on the surface she is a good girl. Until a random biker bar pop-in with her bestie reveals otherwise. It was only supposed to be a one-night stand, but sexy Warren, second in command to the Bandits MC, has other ideas. He’s had a taste of the lusty, beautiful woman he knows only as Red, and now he wants more.

Which is highly uncharacteristic of him. Alyssa has dark secrets, deep wounds, and a plan. A plan that doesn’t include a boyfriend or a permanent residence. If she has it her way, she’ll be gone before the weeks out. She’s on the run from her past, but when the past catches up to her, her secrets unravel and her life is on the line.