A Woman's Hotspots: Where she wants you to touch her

A Woman's Hotspots: Where she wants you to touch her
September 10th 2016
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Have you ever wondered why gorgeous stunning women are walking hand-in-hand with average looking men? Have you marveled, or more likely gawped in astonishment, at how a man no better looking than you has plenty of women on the go, many of whom are tall blondes that you cannot even get a word with? These men are not celebrities or singers or athletes. No! Their background is no different to yours, although they have one difference that makes them an animal when it comes to women. They know a woman’s erogenous zones – in essence, the parts of her body that make her excited, aroused, even orgasmic! And what is more, they were not born with these qualities. They had to learn and practice these skills, and now you can too. But before we get into the erogenous zones of a woman, we must also state here that nearly all women do not even know themselves where all their hotspots are. Just imagine – you are teasing and exciting her in places that she did not even know existed. And what is more, by the end of this learning experience, you may end up being one of those men who has not just one but may be even several gorgeous stunners on the go.