Promise To Pay: London Calling Private Investigator Crime Thriller Series Book 3

Promise To Pay: London Calling Private Investigator Crime Thriller Series Book 3
March 27th 2017
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After taking the bait set by Eva, Dan and Dirk Newton, Jonathan Parker runs and a desperate chase is on. Dan and Eva are on the hunt. But the hunters soon become the hunted as the private investigators are snared in their own private cases - situations which promise to break hearts and destroy lives. Eva and Dan have promised to work until the job is done.

But just how much are they willing to pay? Caught up in Parker's deadly scheme, Dan Bradley has just three days to raise a huge sum of cash or someone will surely die. Meanwhile Eva takes on a South London infidelity case and walks into a trap all of her own making. London called. Roberts and Bradley answered.

Now they must fight to make it home alive.

Welcome to the hell of the Sunnington... and the twilight zone of Hither Green. Promise To Pay, London Calling book 3: Full of dramatic tension, with snappy dialogue, mystery, twists, thrilling action, humor and a hint of romance, this full-length novel should satisfy fans of all great mysteries and crime thrillers. If you love Lee Child, Robert Crais, Harlan Coben, Ian Rankin, Christopher Greyson and the Long Time Dying series then you will love Promise to Pay, the third instalment of the gripping new series, London Calling Eva Roberts & Dan Bradley - London Calling Private Investigator Crime Thriller Series RITE TO SILENCE - Book 1 LONDON CALLING – Book 2 PROMISE TO PAY– Book 3 AND BOOK 4 COMING SOON... Categorised as: Private investigator crime thriller series Private investigator mystery novel series Private investigator novel series Private detective novel series Pulp thriller Men’s action and adventure British crime thrillers