Programming in C

Programming in C
by Pearson
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Description This book on C Programming has a perfect blend of theory aswell as practicals. The presentation is in such a way that helpsthe readers to learn the concepts through practice and programming. The book discusses the behavior of the programs with regards to compilers like Borland Turbo C 3.0, Borland Turbo C 4.5 and MS VC++ 6.0 The book contains over 200 find the output, 300 MCQs 60 programming exercises and over 450 test yourself questions to test the student's understanding. More than 150 solved programs Programs explained alongwith flowcharts and algorithms Data types, Variables & Constants Operators & Expressions Statements Arrays & Pointers Functions Strings and Character Arrays Scope, Lifetime & Storage Classes The C Preprocessor Structures, Unions, Enumerations and Bit-Fields Files Mr. Ajay Mittal is an Assist. Professor at the Dept. ofComputer Science and Engineering, PEC University of Technology,Chandigarh. He has an experience of over 10 yrs in teaching CProgramming and analysis and design of algorithm.