Rockstar Ghost Resurrection

Rockstar Ghost Resurrection
December 31st 2013
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Rosalie Galloway's murder investigation into who killed rockstar Blake White continues. Now that Erotic Corpses has been cleared, the next suspects on her list are members of the heavy metal rock band: The Necromancers.

Rosalie's top suspect is crack-head guitarist Damion Hellsing, who was once a member of Blake's high school band, The Nipples, before Blake kicked him out. Other members of the band include the bi-polar singer Sadie Skellington, who is currently in a relationship with Devon of Erotic Corpses, the masochistic bass guitarist Morg Di Morte, and the skull-mask wearing drummer Gol Gotha. This time Rosalie has to go on dates with heavy metal rockstars and things get intense as the volume is turned up. The danger around Rosalie seems to be escalating as she gets closer to discovering the identity of the mysterious assassin with the demonic Baphomet tattoo who has been showing up and targeting members of the band: Erotic Corpses. To make matters even more complicated, Blake begins to hinder Rosalie's investigative dates because of his newfound jealousy. Is the arrogant Blake White who used to love only himself falling in love with the girl he's nicknamed 'beggar girl'? Can a ghost and a living girl date? Revenge…has never looked so sexy!