Woman on Top

Woman on Top
May 30th 2013 by Laudan Press
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Librarian Note: Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN-10: 0985817704 / ISBN-13: 9780985817701. What happens when you love everything about a man except for who he is? A touching, tender, maddening, mystifying novel about love and a woman finding her inner strength. After the death of her husband, Kate finally finds the courage to reenter the dating scene where she falls prey to Len. A powerful Wall Street banker, Len’s wealth and influence become the compelling aphrodisiac that draws Kate into his world. It’s not long before Len begins to strategically acquire Kate’s heart in the same calculated way he lands multibillion-dollar deals - by pouncing on the vulnerable and taking control. Lured by the excitement and glamour she finds on Len’s arm, Kate struggles with what he can offer her and her children against what’s really important to her – love, respect and honesty. As Kate searches to find what matters most, she sets off on an extraordinary adventure. When she returns, will her open heart and a newfound strength allow her to be loved by a good man? A provocative story of empowerment about why some of us stay in toxic relationships, why we search for someone to rescue us and how we are compromised by divorce and death. Both men and women get second chances at love and this is the story of making decisions out of strength, not desperation, in seeking out new relationships.