Noble and Ivy

Noble and Ivy
1996 by Leisure Books
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Ivy was comfortable being a schoolteacher in the town of Peaceful, Wyoming.

She had long since given up dreams of marrying her childhood beau, and bravely bore the secret sorrow that haunted her past. But then Stephen, her cocksure brother, ran off with his youthful sweetheart-and a fortune in gold-and Ivy had to make sure that he didn't wind up gutshot by gunmen or strung up by his beloved's angry brother... Noble Just speaking his name still made her tremble. Years before, his strong arms and gentle hands had stroked her fires hotter and sweeter than a summer day-before the tragedy that snuffed their flame and left and left a season of silence in its wake. Now, as the two reunited in a quest to save their siblings, Ivy burned to coax the embers to life and melt in the blazing passion she swore they shared. But before that could happen, Noble and Ivy, in league at last, would have to reconcile their past and learn that noble intentions meant nothing without everlasting love.