Red Dust and Bones

Red Dust and Bones
July 19th 2015
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Glenn Station broadcasts a desperate call for help and then goes silent. A rescue crew sets out on the long journey to Mars, but mysterious accidents and injuries throw the operation into chaos. The pilot, John Hellman, soon concludes that someone on Earth has planted a traitor in their midst. As panic mounts among his shipmates, he struggles to identify the deadly phantom force that is slowly killing off his crew. Back on Earth, John's wife Marie heads up the government lab studying peculiar artifacts from the red planet. When she uncovers the frightening truth behind the Glenn Station disaster, she realizes that the future of humanity may be in her hands.

But the danger she now faces is far different from what she ever expected. A cabal of nationalistic zealots has taken control of the mission to Mars, and they are determined to destroy anyone who threatens their hold on power. Marie’s only hope is to match wits with the player at the heart of the game, a ruth renegade who will do whatever it takes to win. John and Marie Hellman are a world apart, yet together they are fighting the deadliest threat that mankind has ever seen.