Blood Prophecy: Kallen's Tale

Blood Prophecy: Kallen's Tale
February 18th 2012 by Hugo Klam
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The Witches are going to try to kill his new girlfriend. And her grandmother is keeping a major secret that he can't tell or he'll die a horrendous death.

Add that to the pressure of trying to get her parents to like him after he had been so rude the last time they met, and Kallen's life gets pretty stressful. As if things aren't crazy enough, he figures out he has fallen head over heels in love with Xandra. But, does she love him? Find out as you read Kallen's side of the story. ***** Reader Message ***** Blood Prophecy: Kallen’s Tale is meant to be read after Blood Prophecy. This is a companion book that gives the reader a look into Kallen’s mind as he and Xandra face the Witches who want her dead. In an effort to avoid as much redundancy as possible, I have condensed some scenes, focusing on Xandra and more on Kallen. This could cause confusion if this book is read first. I hope you enjoy this look into Kallen’s world.